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Beldray Personal Heater 450W (Twin Pack)

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Beldray Personal Heater 450W (Twin Pack) The smart Beldray Personal Heater is brilliant for heating a corner of your home exactly how you love it. Its adjustable temperature means you can select the heat thats best for you and even keep it running for up to 12hrs with the handy timer! Its also designed with two fan speeds to accommodate chillier days, as well as an easy to use LED display for everything you need at your fingertips. This personal heater features both overheating protection and a cool down function for greater safety and peace of mind when in use. Features and Specifications Model Code: EH30012 Power: 450W Run Time: Up to 12hrs (with timer) Temperature Range (adjustable): 15-30 degrees Fan Speeds: 2 Low / High Overheating Protection Cool Down Function Easy LED Display Dimensions Product Size:  18 x 10 x 8cm Weight:  0.34kg Contents 2 x 450w Personal Heater  back to top

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