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Defunc True GO Wireless Earbuds

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Defunc True GO Wireless Earbuds This ultra-smart pair of wireless earbuds keeps you connected even on the go. Super-fast Bluetooth 5.0 gives uninterrupted connectivity whilst excellent battery life lets you listen to your favourite playlists for even longer. The hanger design ensures a perfect fit. Charge directly from the stylish case. Key Features COMFORTABLE FIT & ENHANCED SOUND QUALITY WITH MULTITP: These true wireless earbuds look great but also included our own specially designed MULTITIP earpiece solution which combines silicon tips with a bud heel which provides a secure & comfortable fit for all day wearing  CHARGE ON THE GO: The carry case is also a portable charging unit for your earbuds that will give your buds another 4 full charges. They will last for up to 3 hours of continuous music playtime so when youre done listening then simply put them back in their case and they will be charged ready for the next time you need them  TRUE WIRELESS: Absolutely no wires and a connection range of 10m with Bluetooth 5.0 means complete freedom from being tied down. Leave your phone in your bag or pocket or even in the other room within range and youll still be connected to your sound. Also allows for easy sharing with a friend take one earbud each and both of you can enjoy your sound without having to worry about wires getting in the way!  SWEAT RESISTANT: Use our earbuds to push your work out to the next level safe in the knowledge that they are IPX4 rated & therefore resistant to sweat. Leaving you to focus on achieving your goals.  EASY TO USE FOR MUSIC & CALLS: On-earbud touch control makes choosing tracks & answering calls simple & the design allows for enhanced sound quality for you & whoever you are talking to. To pair them for first use simply take them out of the charging case and select them from your Bluetooth menu. After that they will connect automatically  Dimensions Product size: 6 x 5 x 3cm Weight: 139g Contents 1 x Defunc True GO Wireless Earbuds 1 x Charging Case 1 x Warranty Card 1 x Instruction Manual back to top

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