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Ordissimo Agathe 2 14inch Laptop

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Producent: Ordissimo
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Ordissimo Agathe 2 14inch Laptop Everything you need in one, handy laptop; the Ordissimo Agathe 2 features a stunning 14in high resolution screen to perfectly display your apps and content whilst you browse the web. Fantastic to use on the go and at home, with a beautifully lightweight, ultra-thin design and Wi-Fi connectivity. Save everything you need at the touch of a button to its generous 52GB internal memory. Designed with a simplified integrated Ordissimo keyboard for ultimate ease of use and comfort. Key Features Smart, ultra-thin design Super fast, with an operating system that gets straight to the point Simple home screen Large 14in display  Full sized keyboard Written key functions Perfect for beginners just getting started! Specifications Display: 14 / 1366 x 768px Resolution / Glossy Screen / Built-in Webcam 1280 x 720px Resolution / Equivalence 35.6cm Operating System: OS Ordissimo Processor (CPU): Intel Celeron N3050: 1.6 GHz; 2.16 GHz burst / 2 cores / 2 MB cache Graphics: Intel HD Graphics RAM: 2GB Storage: 52GB with Memory Card Reader Connectivity: Wired Network Card: Speed 10/100 Mbps / Wifi (+ infos) : Wi-Fi B / G / USB 2.0 port: 2 / Ethernet port: 1 Features: QWERTY Standard Keyboard / TouchPad Mouse / Built-In Speaker Dimensions Product Size:  34 x 1.7 x 24 cm Weight:  1.4kg Contents 1 x Ordissimo Agathe 2 14inch Laptop 1 x AC Charger 1 x User Manual back to top

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