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Pifco 9000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit

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Pifco 9000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit Features and Specifications 3-in-1 air conditioner/fan/dehumidifier is an efficient device to have in the home or office. It features 2 different speed settings - low and high 24 hour timer and a temperature setting which can be set between 18 to 32 degrees. It also includes a hose so you can vent out of a window when using the air conditioning mode, while the water tank prevents germs and bacteria. Self-evaporating cooling system means there is no need for frequent drainage. Auto shut off/overheating protection and auto diagnosis. Dimensions: 77 x 31.7 x 40.2cm Weight: 24.5kg Contents 1 x Pifco 9000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit

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