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Pifco P65002 3L Air Cooler

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Stay cool in your home with the Pifco P65002 3L Air Cooler. You can choose from up to 3 varied speed settings - low/medium/high - that ensures you stay comfortably cool in varying climates. There are also 3 wind modes - natural/normal/sleep - that provide different power levels for relaxing at night and keeping cool on a hot day. There is also a Humidifier function for clearing impurities in the air, fan to cool you down and cooler to evaporate water to produce cool air. The included 8-hour timer allows you to schedule the cooling cycle to the length of time that's right for you, making it perfect for when you're about to go to bed. All of these settings and modes can be adjusted from the comfort of your sofa with the handy remote control. Dimensions: 22.05 x 22.7x 59.53cm Weight: 3.5kg Contents 1 x Pifco P65002 3L Air Cooler.

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