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Polti Moppy Cordless Steam Cleaner Pro with 5 Microfibre Floor Cloths and 20 Electrostatic Cloths

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Polti Moppy Cordless Steam Cleaner Pro with 5 Microfibre Floor Cloths and 20 Electrostatic Cloths Moppy by Polti Change the way you clean your floors. An evolution in cleanliness: immediate, practical and quick, a must have for hygienic cleaning. This is the equivalent of the cordless vacuum in a mop. Versatile to clean your hard floors, walls and even ceilings. The new cleaning system for floors and vertical surfaces with the hot steam charged cloth, that takes only 10 seconds to warm up. Clean with the power of hot steam to leave your surfaces sparkling clean without the need for detergents. Works to clear dirt and dust quickly. With its speed of use and light weight handling, the Moppy will revolutionise your household chores. Moppy Kit - 5 Universal Microfibre Cloths Consists of three microfibre cloths suitable for all kinds of floors, as well as for vertical surfaces. The special microfibre catches the dirt in one pass and retains it to ensure quick and practical cleaning. Compatible with Moppy, the new cordless cleaning solution with hot steam and no detergents. Machine washable Moppy Kit - 20x Electrostatic Cloths Twenty electrostatic cloths that can be used for the Polti Moppy. These cloths are great for dusting your hard floors. Simply wrap them around the Moppy Floor Head and away you go. Great for replenishing your old electrostatic cloths or even for spares. Contents 1 x Cordless Moppy Steam Cleaner 5 x Microfibre Floor Cloths  20 x Electrostatic Cloths About the Brand Polti always put people, their needs and wishes at the centre, especially when planning the development of a new home appliance. Every home is different from each other, as every family is. Polti strive to make the domestic environment more comfortable for you. They also stand by the value that nature is our first home. For this reason they believe that small actions in everyday life make a big difference and set the foundations for a more sustainable future. back to top

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