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Silver Server DAB/FM Radio with Voice Prompts and Room Temperature Feature

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Silver Server DAB/FM Radio with Voice Prompts and Room Temperature Feature A simple intuitive DAB radio with extra large display, voice prompts and audio book playback functionaility perfect for the elderly and visually impaired. Featuring intelligent voice prompts confirming all main operations, adjustable EQ settings to fine tune the sound, ergonomic buttons that are big and super easy to use and an extra loud volume range. The Silver Sever has an integrated USB socket, the main reason for this is to allow users to access RNIBs library of 25 thousand talking books, which includes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles. The USB socket allows playback of MP3 files, which could also be used to play favourite albums and songs. The radio can also record and playback 4 separate voice reminders, ideal for messages from family members or carers, that can be played back at programmed times on a daily basis, perfect for reinforcing important daily routines. The radio can also provide audible and visual alerts to warn when room temperatures get too low. Powered by mains or 4 x AA 1.5V batteries. Key Features Smart voice prompts - Nearly 190 prompts, guiding the user through all the key functions and menu options including radio mode, radio station pre-sets, voice reminders, sleep timer and backlight Extra Large Display - Uses high contrast white characters on black background Easy to use large rotary controls one convex, one concave to enable identification by touch Illuminated pre-set buttons for 3 x favourite radio stations Up to 4 programmable voice messages of 10 seconds duration Audio output with extra loud volume range, with adjustable EQ settings Temperature display with low temperature alert option Compatible with talking books in MP3 format Ergonomic handle and buttons Portable design Dimensions Size : 26.2cm x 16.8cm x 9.4cm Weight: 1.13kg Contents 1 x Silver Server DAB/FM Radio with Voice Prompts and Room Temperature Feature back to top

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