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Smart Bin and Vac with Automatic Hands Free Lid and HEPA Filter

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Smart Bin and Vac with Automatic Hands Free Lid and HEPA Filter Keep it effortless with the intelligent Smart Bin and Vac with automatic sensors and powerful suction. Designed for hard floors, its sensor located at the bottom of the bin detects and removes pet hair, dust, crumbs and debris, never missing a beat. It also features smart sensors to automatically open when you wave your hand over and youre standing in front of the bin until you move away, when it will close with no need for hands. The control panel uses power, open and close, start/off and kick-switch for a timed vacuum cycle of five seconds to remove nearby dirt. Its indicator lights highlight whether its on auto or manual mode and the FULL indicator is accompanied by a beep to let you know when the bins full. Its so easy to swap over liners too, with a removable two-part basket to clean and prevent unpleasant odours. Key Features Vacuum sensor to clear dirt Rids floors of food crumbs, pet hair, pollen and dust Open / close sensors Full indicator with beep Removable two-part basket Kick-switch for five second cycles Specifications POWER: 1000W FILTER: Washable HEPA / Air Inlet FLOOR TYPE: Hard Dimensions Product Size: 29 x 29 x 39cm Weight: 6.8kg Contents 1 x Bin back to top

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