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iBeani Tablet Stand

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iBeani Tablet Stand Browse, shop, read or game in comfort. The iBeani can sit on your lap, chair arm or bed and hold any size tablet at any viewing angle. Ultra-lightweight, this durable, versatile and incredibly stable tablet stand will balance on any surface, holding your tablet or book at any angle. Approx 250grams. The stylish design and hand-picked quality fabrics make it the perfect and most useful lifestyle tablet accessory for every room in the home. Handy Storage Pocket - iBeani comes complete with a very handy side pocket for your mobile phone, earphones, stylus, portable charger, glasses, TV remote, plus anything else you may need whilst using your tablet or reading a book. Composition Fox, Denim, Bees, Polka-Dot, Owl, Butterfly, Cat, Slate, Butterfly Blue, Polka-dot Red, Dachshund - 100% Cotton Fabric Plum, Duck Egg - 78% Polyester 22% Cotton Fabric Grey Check - 100% Polyester Fabric All iBeanis are filled with polystyrene beads. Dimensions Product Size: 27 x 25 x 25cm Weight: 250g approx. Contents 1 x iBeani Tablet Stand back to top

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